In 1973, the Supreme Court Legalized Abortion. In 2017, women’s reproductive rights hang by a thread.

The right to legal and safe abortion and birth control hangs by a razor-thin margin in the U.S. Supreme Court. If Roe is reversed, the right to privacy—the right for women to make their own decisions on abortion and birth control—will be gone. In other words, male-dominated state legislatures and Congress will make reproductive decisions for women. We must stop any anti-reproductive rights nominee to the Supreme Court.

Join millions in telling President Trump: we won’t go back!


Action Plan

If Roe is Reversed

Take 4 Steps to Save Legal Abortion

  • 1.

    Join a Team and Sign Up Friends

    We’re taking this fight local. We’re looking for action team members and captains in each state and Congressional district.

  • 2.

    Read our Action Plan

    We have built a simple step-by-step action plan. Key to the plan is you making decision-makers listen to your story of why women need access to legal abortion and birth control.

  • 3.

    Donate $10 to Save Roe

    Your donation of $5, $10, or more will be used in the fight to protect women’s reproductive freedom.

  • 4.

    Take Action Right Now

    Work to build the will of Senators to fight any Supreme Court nominee who will not support reproductive freedom.