“I would expect a resignation [of a Supreme Court Justice] this summer,” Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, told Iowa’s Muscatine Journal. Senator Cruz (R-TX) also said he thought there would be another vacancy in the Supreme Court this summer. We must act now.

Save Roe Action Plan

The Feminist Majority’s Millions4Roe campaign is activating feminists across the country to protect the fundamental right to privacy and access to legal abortion and birth control on the federal, state and local levels. We are determined to make the protection of this fundamental right of women to control their own bodies and health the top priority in confirming the next Supreme Court Justice.

Right now the anti-abortion extremists are trying to pack the Supreme Court of the U.S. (SCOTUS) to overturn Roe v. Wade and the right to privacy. We need to unite and block the Supreme Court nomination of any justice who will overturn Roe.

We cannot forget for one moment that the right to abortion and even to birth control is hanging by a thread in the Supreme Court. But even as we fight court appointments, we must continue to protect abortion and family planning in the Congress and the state legislatures, work to protect clinics, which are being threatened and intimidated by extremists who will stop at nothing.

We’re asking people who care about equality and reproductive rights to form advocacy teams to protect the right to privacy on the federal, state and local levels. We must mobilize on a massive scale before it is too late. Women’s lives are at stake.

1. Join a Save Roe Team in your State and Congressional District

When we mobilize on a grassroots level, real change is possible, and it all starts with you. Your federal and state Senators and Representatives must hear you. That’s why organizing by state and congressional districts is so important, and we’re here to help make this happen. Join a Save Roe Team now.

2. Recruit your friends to join your team

We know you’ve been talking to your friends, family and coworkers about these issues for a long time, and this is a great opportunity for you all to get involved together. The more feet on the ground, the stronger our movement.

3. Take Action

Your team will have the opportunity to get involved in federal, state, and local actions to stop any and all efforts to ban abortion or restrict family planning access with everything from letter-writing campaigns and phone-a-thons, to lobbying days and on-the-ground clinic defense for embattled women’s health providers.

Actions to Save Roe

Send an email to your Members of Congress

When you click here, you’ll be connected to an email system that sends messages directly to your Senators and Representatives. Tell them thousands of women will die if Roe is reversed. The fundamendal right to privacy will be demolished, weakening the nationwide constitutional right to access birth control and abortion. You can use the email template we provided, edit it to fit your message or write a completely original letter.

We want to flood lawmaker’s inboxes with constituent emails demanding they stop the stacking of the Supreme Court.

Call your Senators and Representative

When you’re done sending the email, call your Senators and Representative to let them know what you think, how you feel, and the lived truths that have pushed you to demand opposition to packing the court against the right to privacy, legal abortion, and contraceptive access. Though only Senators can vote on the nomination, you can call on your Representative to take a stand against packing the Court. Often another political leader from your state’s Congressional delegation can help to influence the vote of your Senator. You are the expert on why you believe so strongly that access to safe and legal abortion and birth control is essential. And we are also supplying you with information on reproductive rights, Roe v. Wade, and the massive impact of losing the right to privacy. But most important, you are a constituent, it’s their job to listen to you.

The phone line on Capitol Hill has been ringing off the hook since the Trump election, and we plan to keep it that way. Contact members of Congress through the Capitol switchboard now: 202-224-3121. Tell them how important Roe v. Wade and reproductive justice and rights are for women, men, and families.

Visit your Senators and Representative at their local Congressional Offices.

This is where the team becomes super important. We need the staff in the district and state to see with their own two eyes how strong support for the right to privacy is. Showing up at your lawmakers local district office to request a meeting or hold a demonstration is super effective, especially when you’ve assembled a group of well-informed and active voters. It’s also a fun way to cheer each other on, show solidarity and inform others on the issues at hand. When you’re there, take a picture and post about your visit on Twitter or Facebook using #Millions4Roe.

Plan an action with your team

There are so many great actions you can take to defend Roe. When your state or local lawmakers are voting on anti-abortion measures, plan to sit in the gallery. When your Senators or Representative are home for the weekend, organize a town hall for them to attend and answer your questions. The possibilities are endless. Actions can be large (rallies in front of your state capital) or small (postcard writing parties).

Share what you’ve done

Our goals are two-fold: empower you to advocate for reproductive rights and amplify your messages and actions. Let us know about anti-reproductive rights issues in your community and what your team is doing! Share the details of your teams actions! We will spread your ideas and actions nationwide. Not only will it get more eyes on your issue, it will inspire others to get involved.

We Must Stop Another Originalist Justice Before it’s too Late

Within current Senate rules, a vote of only 51 senators can confirm a Supreme Court appointee. There are now 52 Republicans, 46 Democrats, and 2 Independents in the Senate. Several of the Republicans are for reproductive rights and several of the Democrats are mixed votes. The Feminist Majority believes that a coalition of pro-women’s rights Democrats, Republicans, and Independents can still block an extremist who would overturn Roe v. Wade and the right to privacy. Remember: access to abortion and birth control is on the line.